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1. OrderPricingAdapter

Order price adapter gives you more control on how you charge based on an order. In order to add custom order pricing logic you first need to implement IPricingAdapter and register is to the global OrderPricingDirector which implements the IPricingDirector.

There can be more than one order pricing plugin configurations and all of them will be executed based on there orderIndex value. Order pricing adapter with lower orderIndex will be executed first

below is an example or IPricingAdapter implementation that will add $50 to each order as service charge

import {
} from '@unchainedshop/types/order';

import { LogOptions } from '@unchainedshop/types/logs';
import { OrderPricingCalculation } from '@unchainedshop/types/orders.pricing';
import { IPricingAdapter, IPricingAdapterActions } from '@unchainedshop/types/pricing';
import { Discount } from '@unchainedshop/types/discount';

export const ShopOrderPricingAdapter: IOrderPricingAdapter = {
  key: 'shop-order-service-pricing',
  label: 'Default service charge price',
  version: '1.0',
  orderIndex: 1,

  isActivatedFor: (context: OrderPricingAdapterContext) => {
    return true;

  log(message: string, options?: LogOptions): void {

  actions: (params: {
    calculationSheet: IOrderPricingSheet;
    context: OrderPricingAdapterContext;
    discounts: Discount[];
  }): IPricingAdapterActions<OrderPricingCalculation, OrderPricingAdapterContext> & {
    resultSheet: () => IOrderPricingSheet;
  } => {
    const calculation: OrderPricingCalculation[] = [];
    const { context } = params;
    const { currency } = context;
    const resultSheet = OrderPricingSheet({ currency });

    return {
      calculate: async (): Promise<OrderPricingCalculation[]> => {
        const resultRaw = resultSheet.getRawPricingSheet();
        resultSheet.addPayment({ amount: 100 });
          ({ amount, category }) =>
            ShopOrderPricingAdapter.log(`Order Pricing Calculation -> ${category} ${amount}`),
        return resultRaw;
      getContext: (): OrderPricingAdapterContext => params.context,
      resultSheet: () => resultSheet,
      getCalculation: (): OrderPricingCalculation[] => calculation,
  • isActiveFor(context: OrderPricingAdapterContext): Used to activate or de-active a particular order price plugin based on the current context of the order or any other business rule.
  • calculate: is where the actual calculation of the order price is done based on the calculation items defined for the adapter.
  • getContext: returns the current order payment price plugin context.
  • resultSheet: return the price sheet items that are applied on the price adapter.
import {OrderPriceDirector} from '@unchainedshop/core-orders'



Order discount adapter is used to add different type of discounts your shop offers based on different input. in order to add order based discount to a shop you need to implement IDiscountAdapter and register to the global OrderDiscountDirector which implements the IDiscountDirector

Below is an example of IDiscountAdapter implementation that adds a discount for all order that have more than 2 products.

import { IDiscountAdapter } from '@unchainedshop/types/discount';
import { OrderDiscountDirector, OrderDiscountAdapter } from '@unchainedshop/core-orders';

const ShopDiscount_TAG = 'ShopDiscount';

const ShopDiscount: IDiscountAdapter = {

  key: 'ch.shop.discount.ShopDiscount',
  label: 'early bird',
  version: '1.0',
  orderIndex: 1,

  // return true if a discount is allowed to get added manually by a user
  isManualAdditionAllowed: async (code: string): Promise<boolean> => {
    return false;

  // return true if a discount is allowed to get removed manually by a user
  isManualRemovalAllowed: async (): Promise<boolean> => {
    return false;

  actions: async ({
  }: {
    context: DiscountContext & Context;
  }): Promise<DiscountAdapterActions> => {
    return {
      isValidForSystemTriggering: async (): Promise<boolean> => {
        return true;

      isValidForCodeTriggering: async (params: { code: string }): Promise<boolean> => {
        return false;

      // returns the appropriate discount context for a calculation adapter
      discountForPricingAdapterKey: ({
      }: {
        pricingAdapterKey: string;
        calculationSheet: IPricingSheet<PricingCalculation>;
      }): DiscountConfiguration => {
        if (pricingAdapterKey === 'shop.unchained.pricing.product-ShopDiscount') {
          return [
              tag: ShopDiscount_TAG,
          ] as any;
        return null;
      release: (): Promise<void> => {},
      reserve: (params: { code: string }): Promise<any> => {
        return null;
  • isManualAdditionAllowed(code: string): return true if the supplied discount code is applicable to an order manually and not system based (automated).
  • isManualRemovalAllowed: return true if it's possible to remove the discount from an order manually.
  • isValidForSystemTriggering return true if a discount is valid to be part of the order without input of a user. that could be a time based global discount like a 10% discount day if you return false, this discount will get removed from the order before any price calculation takes place.
  • discountForPricingAdapterKey: implement this function if you want to apply a discount when an order is using a specific order pricing adapter. returns the appropriate discount context for a calculation adapter
  • release: Return void, allows you to free up any reservations in backend systems
  • reserve: Return an arbitrary JSON serializable object with reservation data this method is called when a discount is added through a manual code and let's you manually deduct expendable discounts (coupon balances for ex.) before checkout
  • isValidForCodeTrigger: return true if a discount is valid to be part of the order. if you return false, this discount will get removed from the order before any price calculation takes place.
import {OrderDiscountDirecto} from '@unchainedshop/core-orders'



discountForPricingAdapterKey: ({ pricingAdapterKey }: {
    pricingAdapterKey: string;
    calculationSheet: IPricingSheet<PricingCalculation>): DiscountConfiguration => {
if (pricingAdapterKey === 'shop.unchained.artwork-discount') {
      const minimumOrderValue = this.context.orderDiscount?.reservation

      const currentPricingSheet = new OrderPricingSheet({
        currency: this.context?.order.currency,

      const maximumDiscountableAmount = currentPricingSheet.total(

      if (maximumDiscountableAmount > minimumOrderValue) {
        const { fixedRate, rate } =
          this.context?.orderDiscount?.reservation?.promoCodeConfiguration ||
        if (fixedRate) {
          return { fixedRate };
        return {
          rate: rate || 0.0,
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