Product Pricing

Configure the product price

To manipulate a specific product price or the entire product price in your system you can create a custom plugin by extending the ProductPricingAdapter and registering it on to the ProductPricingDirector.

The sample code below will create a custom product price plugin that will round each product price to the next 50th.

import {
} from '@unchainedshop/core-pricing';

const roundToNext = (value) =>
  value % 50 === 50 / 2 ? value + 50 / 2 : value + (50 - (value % 50));

class ProductPriceRound extends ProductPricingAdapter {
  static key = 'shop.unchained.pricing.price-round';

  static version = '1.0';

  static label = 'Round product price to the next precision number';

  static orderIndex = 2;

  static isActivatedFor({ product, currency }) {
    return true;

  async calculate() {
    const { currency, quantity } = this.context;
    const { calculation = [] } = this.calculation;

    if (calculation?.length) {
      const [productPrice] = calculation;
        amount: roundToNext(productPrice.amount) * quantity,
        isTaxable: productPrice.isTaxable,
        isNetPrice: productPrice.isNetPrice,
        meta: { adapter: this.constructor.key },

    return pricingAdapter.calculate();;



ProductPricingAdapter is responsible for calculating the price of a product whenever it is queried. This is useful in cases where you may have some bushiness logic to be applied to the price of a product such as rounding, currency conversion, discount, tax etc... before any further calculation is made to it or simply presented to the user. In the above code sample we created a product price plugin that will round every product price to the next 50th digit. few things to note about extending the ProductPricingAdapter :

  • key : is a unique identifier associated with the specific plugin and two product price adapter can not have an identical value for key
  • orderIndex : determines the order in which a particular product price adapter should be executed. ProductPricingAdapter's are executed in ascending order of there orderIndex value so adapters with the smallest value will be executed first. this is very useful when you have pricing business logics that need to be applied in a certain order. eg. discount should be applied to a product before tax is calculated.
  • isActivatedFor : returns boolean value that determine if the plugin is active or not. it is passed an object containing product & currency of the current execution context. This allows you to activate or deactivate by returning true or false respectively based on your business rule.
  • calculate : this is the actual function where the manipulation happens. You need to make sure if a calculation object exists for this particular product price context before you make any adjustment. Finally call pricingAdapter.calculate(); after applying your changes so that they can take effect.

Returning null from here will stop the execution of any other ProductPriceAdapter that may exist in the system so you should always return result of pricingAdapter.calculate(); call unless you want this behavior.

Next step is registering your ProductPricingAdapter on the ProductPricingDirector like so:


Finally you can import this file in the boot file like :

import '@unchainedshop/core-pricing/plugins/product-round-price';

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