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You can add different types of works to perform various task based on different input and triggers. Work can be a cron operation that run on a given interval to do a system backup or send an email to a user after a certain operation.

In order to make use of work to perform any task you need to implement the IWorkAdapter interface and register it to the global WorkDirector which implements the IWorkDirector.

Below is an example of work adapter that checks if all works are healthy and working correctly, runs on the wait interval value passed as input

import { IWorkerAdapter } from '@unchainedshop/types/worker';
import { WorkerAdapter } from '@unchainedshop/core-worker';

const wait = async (time: number) => {
  return new Promise((resolve) => {
    setTimeout(() => {
    }, time);

type Arg = {
  wait?: number;
  fails?: boolean;

type Result = Arg;

const Heartbeat: IWorkerAdapter<Arg, Result> = {

  key: 'shop.unchained.worker-plugin.heartbeat',
  label: 'Heartbeat plugin to check if workers are working',
  version: '1.0',

  type: 'HEARTBEAT',

  doWork: async (input: Arg): Promise<{ success: boolean; result: Result }> => {
    if (input?.wait) {
      await wait(input.wait);
    if (input?.fails) {
      return {
        success: false,
        result: input,
    return {
      success: true,
      result: input,
  • type: type of the worker, this value is used to specify the worker you are targeting when adding a work to a work queue using the WorkerModule.addWork:(data: WorkData, userId: string) function
  • doWork: function that defines the actual work that is going to be performed by the work adapter

Registering Work Adapter

Before you can add a worker in the work queue you need to register it to the global Worker director

import { WorkerDirector } from '@unchainedshop/core-worker';


Adding work to the work queue

Triggering a worker is done by adding a work to the work queue using the worker module found on unchained context. below is an example that demonstrate adding the work adapter we have created above

import { Context } from '@unchainedshop/types/api';

const someResolverFunction = (, unchainedApiContext: Context) =>  {
        type: 'HEARTBEAT',
        retries: 0,
        input: {
          wait: 1000,
      userId: '1234567',
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