Boot up

Start the Unchained Engine

Platform Configuration

Setting up the Unchained Engine is simple:

Add unchained:platform to your meteor project, copy the dependencies part of the minimal example to your own project's package.json, then start the engine:

import { startPlatform } from 'meteor/unchained:platform';
Meteor.startup(async () => {
  await startPlatform(options);

These options are available:

  • corsOrigins: Array/Boolean (Determine if origin is fine for cors, set to true to reflect all origins in http responses)
  • rolesOptions: Object (Roles configuration)
  • mergeUserCartsOnLogin: Boolean (Enable/Disable merge mode of carts when user gets logged in)
  • assignCartForUsers: boolean (Enable/Disable assigning carts for existing users on startup, default: false)
  • invalidateProviders: boolean (Enable/Disable invalidating carts on startup, default: true)
  • typeDefs: Object (GraphQL Schema that gets merged with the default schema)
  • resolvers: Object (GraphQL Resolvers that get merged with the default API)
  • modules: Core Module specific configuration (see next pages)

Other options are forwarded to the Apollo Engine, the available options are documented here: https://www.apollographql.com/docs/apollo-server

Enable Controlpanel

  1. Add @unchainedshop/controlpanel as dependency (meteor npm install @unchainedshop/controlpanel)
  2. Use the embedControlpanelInMeteorWebApp function after startPlatform
import { WebApp } from 'meteor/webapp';
import { embedControlpanelInMeteorWebApp } from '@unchainedshop/controlpanel';

Meteor.startup(() => {
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