Delivery plugins

Customize delivery

1. DeliveryAdapter

In order to register available delivery options, you either have to use the built in ones or have to add a plugin to the supported delivery provider by implementing the IDeliveryAdapter interface and registering the adapter on the global DeliveryDirector

There can be multiple delivery adapter implementation for a shop and all of them will be executed based on there orderIndex value. Delivery adapters with lowe orderIndex are executed first.

Below we have sample delivery adapter

import { IDeliveryAdapter, DeliveryAdapterActions, DeliveryConfiguration, DeliveryAdapterContext, DeliveryLocation } from "@unchainedshop/types/delivery";
import { Context, DeliveryError } from "@unchainedshop/types/";
import {
} from "@unchainedshop/core-delivery";

const ShopPickUp: IDeliveryAdapter = {
  key: 'ch.shop.delivery.pickup',
  label: 'Pickup at Clerk',
  version: '1.0',
  orderIndex: 1
  initialConfiguration: (DeliveryConfiguration = []),

  typeSupported: (type: DeliveryProviderType): boolean => {
    return type === DeliveryProviderType.PICKUP;

  actions: (config: DeliveryConfiguration, context: DeliveryAdapterContext, requestContext: Context,): DeliveryAdapterActions => {
    return {
      isAutoReleaseAllowed(): boolean {
        return false;

      isActive(): boolean {
        return true;

      configurationError(transactionContext?: any): DeliveryError {
        return null;

      pickUpLocationById(locationId: string): Promise<DeliveryLocation> {
        return this.pickUpLocations().filter(({ _id }) => _id === locationId);

      estimatedDeliveryThroughput: (warehousingThroughputTime: number) : Promise<number>  => {
        return 0;

      pickUpLocations(): Promise<Array<DeliveryLocation>> {
        return [
            _id: 'first-location-id',
            name: 'first-location',
            address: {
              addressLine: 'address-line',
              postalCode: '1234',
              countryCode: 'CH',
              city: 'Zurich',
            geoPoint: {
              latitude: 123456789,
              longitude: 987654321,
      send: async (): Promise<boolean | Work> => {
        const { modules, order, userId } = context as typeof context;
        await modules.worker.addWork(
            type: 'MARK_ORDER_DELIVERED',
            retries: 0,
            scheduled: new Date(new Date().getTime() + 1000 * (24 * 60 * 60)),
            input: {
              orderDeliveryId: order.deliveryId,

        return false;
  • typeSupported(type: DeliveryProviderType): Defines which type of delivery providers this adapter support.
  • configurationError(transactionContext: any): DeliveryError: returns any issue found with the delivery adapter configuration. its passed current transaction object that lets you check if everything is working for proper functioning of the adapter.
  • estimatedDeliveryThroughput(warehousingThroughputTime: number): Used to send an estimation delivery time of the adapter.
  • isActive: Used to enable or disable the adapter.
  • isAutoReleaseAllowed: Determined if the delivery provider should change status automatically or if manual confirmation of delivery is required.
  • pickUpLocationById(locationId: string): DeliveryLocation: returns a delivery location with the specified ID from the list of locations returned from pickUpLocations.
  • pickUpLocations: DeliveryLocation[] returns list of delivery locations available with a particular delivery adapter
  • send: boolean | Work: Determines the if an order is delivered or not. if this function returns true the order delivery status will be changed to DELIVERED, if it returns false order delivery status stays the same (PENDING) but the order status can be changed but if it throws an error the order will be canceled.

2. DeliveryPriceAdapter

Delivery pricing adapter is used to do the actual delivery cost calculation. The adapter is run for every single item included in an order. in order to add a custom delivery price logic for orders you need to implement IDeliveryPricingAdapter. There can be more than one delivery pricing plugin configurations and all of them will be executed based on there orderIndex value. Delivery pricing adapter with lower orderIndex will be executed first

below is a an example of delivery price for the above delivery adapter that will charge $50 as a delivery fee for orders that use ShopPickUp (the above adapter) for there delivery provider.

import {
} from '@unchainedshop/core-delivery';
import { DeliveryPricingAdapterContext, Calculation, PricingAdapterContext } from '@unchainedshop/types';
import type { IDeliveryPricingAdapter } from '@unchainedshop/types/delivery.pricing';
import { Discount } from '@unchainedshop/types/discount';

export const ShopDeliveryFreePrice: IDeliveryPricingAdapter = {
  key: 'ch.shop.delivery.pickup-fee',
  version: '1.0',
  label: 'shop Delivery',
  orderIndex: 10,

  isActivatedFor: ({ provider }: DeliveryPricingAdapterContext) => {
    return provider.adapterKey === 'ch.shop.delivery.pickupr';

  actions: (
    context: DeliveryPricingAdapterContext,
    calculationSheet: IDeliveryPricingSheet,
    discounts: Array<Discount>,
  ): IPricingAdapterActions<Calculation, DeliveryPricingAdapterContext> & {
    resultSheet: () => IDeliveryPricingSheet;
  } => {
    const calculation = [];
    const { currency } = context;
    const resultSheet = DeliveryPricingSheet({ currency });
    return {
      getCalculation: (): Calculation[] => calculation,
      getContext: (): DeliveryPricingAdapterContext => context,
      calculate: async (): Promise<Calculation[]> => {
          amount: 50,
          isNetPrice: false,
          isTaxable: true,
          meta: { adapter: 'delivery-price-key' },
        return resultSheet.calculate();
  • isActivatedFor: DeliveryPricingAdapterContext: defines to which delivery adapters this delivery price adapter calculations should take place.
  • getCalculation: Calculation[]: returns all the fees that will are included for calculation through the adapter.
  • getContext: DeliveryPricingAdapterContext: returns the pricing adapter context
  • calculate: Calculation[]: calculated the delivery price based on the the logic provided and returns the calculation breakdown (result sheet)
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